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Charlie & Grangrad's Tall Adventures

In the first of three books, join young Charlie and his beloved Grangrad on a series of imaginative and enchanting expeditions in 'Charlie and Grangrad's Tall Adventures'. Through the eyes of a four-year-old, we get to witness the magic of their travels alongside their friends. With ten stories of wonder to be told before bed-time, the duo takes us to some extraordinary places such as the jelly baby trees of Trumpington and the ice cream rivers of Iceland. Each journey is an escape from the mundane and a beautiful reminder of the power of our imagination. With Charlie's innocent perspective and Grangrad's unwavering love, you are sure to be transported to a world beyond your wildest dreams. Get ready for a ride of a lifetime!

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29th June 2023

Charlie & Grangrad's Tall Bedtime Stories

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Charlie, now a five-year-old boy, is spending his school summer holidays with nan and grangrad on their farm. After a tiring day of playing, Charlie eagerly awaits for Grangrad's bedtime stories about life in the town of Trumpington and his amazing friends, Jelly Baby Joe, Fred the Fixer, and Leaky Lee the Plumber. "Charlie & Grangrad's Tall Bed Time Stories" includes ten delightful bedtime stories that your child will love. It's a perfect way to end the day, listening to these charming stories of friendship and adventure.

Meet some of the gang.

Initial review from Publisher.

''This is one of the most charming children’s books I have read in many a year. The irrepressible Charlie, his kind and sweet mother, thoughtful and steady nan and of course his Grangrad, are all wonderful characters. The same goes for the rest of the people and creatures we meet along the way. This should be read to every child before bedtime. It has an old-fashioned and pure appeal we don’t see so often these days. The stories are equally lovely, positive and affirming and just a pure delight.''

The Charlie & Grangrad Collection is a series of three books that follow the fun-filled adventures of the duo. Yes, the grandad character represents quite a bit of me and the little character above is based upon my grandson Charlie.

To capture and then bring to life many of Charlie's thoughts, ideas and actions was and still is so much fun. Each book is set in the magical world of Trumpington, where the two encounter salt and vinegar chips that grow from the ground, Weetabix plants which grow in the fields, and even jelly baby trees that are tended by Grangrad's friend, Jelly Baby Joe, who is really the Prince of Persia! Along the way, they meet a host of other colourful characters from the town. We would like to introduce you to a few, Noggin the elf, James the Lion, Grangrad, Fred the Fixer and below is Jelly Baby Joe the Prince of Persia.


Noggin the Elf

James the Lion

Fred the Fixer


Book 1

Book 2

Jelly Baby Joe the Prince of Persia

Charlie & Grangrad's Tall Adventures