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Where we are and where we are going!

Steve Mansfield

6/3/20231 min read

yellow bananas
yellow bananas

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It's taken some time to get here but my first book 'Charlie & Grangrad's Tall Adventures will be published and available from 29th June 2023. The second book in this trilogy 'Charlie and Grangrad's Bedtime Stories' has now been completed and looks as if it will be a Christmas publication.

The first Yiannis children's book containing wonderful illustrations entitled 'Yiannis the Global Warming Warrior' is with the publicist for an Easter release date ..........and watch out as I'm presently working on a much longer illustrative children's story book called 'Yiannis Saves the World' as he travels with his dad to fight the causes of global warming around the globe.

Steve from Squashed Banana Books....... over and out!!