Tales of Cocowonga Island.

Spaghetti Freddie's Birthday

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person writing on white paper
person writing on white paper

Tales of Cocowonga Island

This is a cheerful and caring children’s story about friendship and how friends of all shapes and sizes whether fury or not can use their skills to help each other when needed. Whether you are good at cutting hair, lassoing a moon or two or even have forgotten your nightlight, your friend will be there to help.

The book highlights the fact that no matter what colour you are, whether you are fury or whether you have large crab claws that cut hair, it really doesn't matter where friendship is concerned.

Freddie and his family are magical Spaghetti trees from Cocowonga Island. Little Tommy Furball and his colourful furball friends arrange a wonderful party for Freddie but at 254 years of age, they couldn't get enough candles on the cake!

Remember that Snippy Long Claws is always on hand for a quick hair cut and is full of funny quips….

Little Tommy is afraid of the dark and had forgotten his night light for their sleep-over after the party but Freddie comes to the rescue with a novel but lovely approach to save the day!

It's a lovely tale for young children with a short motto at the end and with the use of beautifully reflective images I think that it could be a wonderful first book about Cocowonga Island